Towards intelligent manufacturing, Jiangsu Yidong Airlines creates a new model of transformation and development

At present, the popularity of intelligent manufacturing is high, and industries such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, steel, petrochemical, and mechanical equipment manufacturing have begun to explore smart factories. Jiangsu Yidong Aviation Machinery Co., Ltd. realizes the transformation and improvement of manufacturing through "intelligent manufacturing", uses automation technology and intelligent technology to establish differentiated competitive advantages, improves production efficiency and product quality, responds quickly to market changes, and achieves feasibility in fierce competition. Sustained development. Jiangsu Yidong Aviation Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yidong Aviation") was established in December 2010, dedicated to the research and development of various aero-engine motors, automobile motors, motorcycle starter motors, electric motorcycle motors, and new energy vehicle motors , production and sales. The company implements the enterprise spirit of "taking the essence of Honda and building the spirit of Yidong", implements the ISO/TS16949 quality management standard, and through scientific management and the joint efforts of all employees, relying on the company's advanced and complete testing and testing facilities, product quality has won With the trust of customers, it has become a strategic partner of Honda of Japan, Piaggio of Italy, and TVS of India, and a global procurement supplier of Honda. The automobile motor cooperates with Chongqing Hydes Group. The motorcycle starter motor is the main supporting unit of Wuyang-Honda Motor (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Xindazhou-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. It also cooperates with Qingqi Suzuki, Linhai Yamaha, Taiwan Sanyang and other well-known The brand has established a good cooperative relationship, and some products have been exported to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Italy, India, Brazil, the Philippines, France and other foreign markets.





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