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Yidong establishes new pattern for transformation development by marching toward intelligent manufacturing

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Currently intelligent manufacturing has enjoyed tremendous popularity. Many industries such as auto manufacturing, aviation, spaceflight, aircraft manufacturing, steel, petrochemical engineering, and mechanical equipment manufacturing have set about exploration in intelligent factories. Yidong transforms and upgrades manufacturing by intelligent manufacturing, whilst establishing differentiation competitive advantage by means of automation technology and intelligent technology. All these are aimed at improving production efficiency and product quality, meeting market change promptly and achieving sustained development in the fierce competition..


About Yidong

Jiangsu Yidong Aviation Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yidong), founded in December 2010, commits to the research, development, production and sale of various aero-engine motors, auto motors, motorcycle starter motors, e-motorcycle motors, and motors for new energy auto motors.
Yidong has been following the corporate spirit of “taking the essence of Honda and establishing Yidong spirit” and implementing the ISO/TS16949 quality management standard. Through scientific management and the joint effort of all our employees and relying on our advanced, complete testing and experiment facilities, our products have won reliance of customers. Now Yidong has become the strategic partner of Honda, Piaggio, and TVS, and the global purchasing supplier of Honda. Auto motor has cooperated with Chongqing Haideshi Group. Motorcycle starter motor is the main organization for auxiliary products to Wuyang - Honda Motorcycle (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Xindazhou - Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Our company has also established favorable cooperation with Suzuki, Linhai Yamaha, Sanyang of Taiwan and other famous brands. So far some of our products have been exported to Japan, Thailand , Vietnam, Malaysia, Italy, India, Brazil, the Philippines, France and other foreign markets.


Motor for vehicle wind-up window

In the industrial Internet era when the manufacturing industry is faced with more and more fierce competition, motor for vehicle wind-up window is all the more a product whose market competition is tougher than ever. The product needs high technological requirement and high labor intensity. The original manual production which is the primary mode of production can no longer meet the market competition at present and needs to be improved without delay. Transformation by introducing intelligent technology is both an inevitable choice for industrial development and the orientation toward which Yidong is striving for.


Intelligent manufacturing is on the way


Machining automation
Advanced integrated automatic assembly line for auto motor rotor / complete machine conveys products with the double chain. It integrates motor rotor, motor stator, and the set assembling of motor in a desirable way, which makes sure the production site is more orderly and there is less workload for manpower.

Power balance structure and rectangular coordinate manipulator bring about the handling and turn-over of motor rotor, motor stator, and the set assembling of motor, which raise the comprehensive production efficiency.

Intelligent quality testing
Intelligent quality test equipment has been used for the key working procedure of production line of workshop, which realizes online automatic test and automatic record and alarm. The detailed steps include the following. Employ shafting iron core automatic equipment for shaft end beat detection; employ automatic shaft jump equipment for shaft beat detection; employ automatic test equipment for testing of cross resistance, resistance between sheet and resistance between turns; employ automatic balancing equipment for balance testing and carry out separate inspection on defective products;

Traceable product information

Carry out batch management on original auxiliary materials; gather the original auxiliary materials and the production time, production line, operating shift, customer information, product characteristics and other information via QR code, so as to bring about a complete processing information stream on product; by scanning QR code, it is possible to trace the information on the whole production process of products, including original accessories, whilst connecting the ERP system;

Application effect
1.The production time reduces from the original 14 seconds to 8 seconds and the production efficiency raises by 42.8%;
2.114 manpower is reduced, the use ratio of energy and resource has been raised by over 25%, and the manpower and material resource input in production have been reduced greatly;
3.Through process quality control, the product quality has been raised by over 3%. The production stability and product quality have been raised;
4.Grating is available for protection of all the artificial processes with safety risk, which is aimed at realizing safety production.

Internal and external efforts
More steps to make up the drawbacks

Yidong’s production workshop adopts discrete manufacturing model. The construction of intelligent workshop shall undergo continuous improvement to bring about the integration and optimization of the enterprise’s design, process, manufacturing, management, logistics, and other links, accelerate the digital design of enterprise, intelligent upgrading of equipment, optimization of process flow, and the prompt improvement in lean production, visualized management, quality control and tracing, intelligent logistics, etc.

In the future, digital model shall be established for the general design, technological process and layout of our intelligent workshop. Besides, analog simulation shall be carried out to bring about digital management on the whole process of planning, production and operation.
In the future, our intelligent workshop shall apply digital 3D design and process technology for product and process design and simulation whilst carrying out verification and optimization by means of physical testing and experiment. We shall establish product data management system (PDM) to bring about the integrated management of product data.
In the future, our intelligent workshop shall bring about the interconnection and high-degree integration of such key technologies as high-grade CNC machine tool and industrial robot, intelligent sensing and control equipment, intelligent testing and assembly facilities, intelligent logistics and warehousing equipment during production management and control.
In the future, our intelligent workshop shall establish automatic collection and analysis system for data during production, fully collect such data at the production site as production progress, production information, site operation, quality inspection, equipment status, and material transport. At the same time, visualized management shall be accomplished.
In the future, the manufacturing execution system (MES) of our intelligent workshop can cover more function modules to bring about the whole process closed loop management on plan, dispatch, quality, equipment, production, and energy efficiency. Enterprise resource planning system (ERP) as well as MES, WMS, PLM and other systems shall bring about interconnection and the optimization of supply chain, logistics, cost and other enterprise operation management.
6.In the future, internal interconnection network architecture shall be established in our intelligent workshop to bring about the efficient coordination and integration between design, process, manufacturing, inspection, logistics and other manufacturing processes and links as well as between the manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise resource planning system (ERP). All these are aimed at putting into place a uniform platform on product information throughout its whole life.
In the future, our intelligent workshop shall establish industrial information safety management system and technical protection system to have such abilities as network protection, emergency response, and other information safety guarantee abilities. Moreover, protection system with safe function shall be available. We shall adopt method of whole lifetime to effectively prevent the system from losing efficacy.

Blueprint of our intelligent workshop

General description of automation plan

In terms of the construction of our intelligent workshop, we shall, first of all, strengthen upgrading and improvement of our workshop toward automation. We shall bring about the automation of the entire workshop by upgrading the present production equipment or introducing new equipment. The following aspects can be taken into account for Yidong’s future automation transformation and upgrading.

1.Flow automation between production materials

Flow of materials for all the processes and the flow of the entire material system of workshop can adopt conveyor belt or AGV. This will be conducive to raising the speed and efficiency of all the processes and will lay a foundation for the future production automation of this workshop.

2.Automatic 3D warehouse

Straighten product type, and product quantity shall be placed at each pendant; classify and straighten products produced in large volumes and bring about automatic feeding via mechanical arm; at the same time, the mechanical arm shall have a visual system to be applicable to the automatic feeding and blanking of products of multiple specifications.

3.Implementation of intelligent warehousing system

Establish and implement intelligent warehouse management system to enhance the entering and leaving warehouse, automatic distribution and scientific management on workshop material, products and finished products.

General description of information plan