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Through development over the years, now Yidong has been supplying auxiliary products to and established strategic partnership with many famous Chinese enterprises. Some of our products have been exported to well-known enterprises of foreign countries. In the meanwhile, Yidong has set up related after-sales service network as well as service outlets integrating sale / after sale across the country.

Striving to bring about a happy purchase experience for customers and to offer them satisfactory service is our unremitting pursuit.  

Service outlet:

Xindazhou-Honda Motorcycle Tianjin Company Piaggio, Italy
Jinan Qingqi Suzuki Company Honda, Japan
Jinan Qingqi Engine Co., Ltd. Indian TVS
Lin Haiya Maha Piaggio, India
Xindazhou-Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Honda, Thailand
Chongqing Hyde World Cable System (Group) Co., Ltd. Vietnam Piaggio
Xiamen Xing Motor Co., Ltd. Honda, Philippines
Taiwan Sanyang Qingzhou Machinery Company Malaysia this day
Wuyang-Honda Motorcycle (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Brazil Honda
  South Africa